Magnesite Green Colored Worry Beads 8mm


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Green Colored Magnesite Worry Beads

Stone Size: 8mm


Hold the beads in your hand and slide the beads with your thumb


* To relax or concentrate

* A time of high anxiety (worry beads distract you from the anxiety but also help calm you)

* To replace a bad habit (creates a replacement habit for the one you wish to stop)

Magnesite is believed to be discovered in 1808, magnesite was named for its composition of mostly magnesium. The most commonly occurring color of magnesite is white, with an appearance similar to unglazed porcelain. This variety of magnesite has long been valued for its ability to be carved. Native Americans, including the Pomo Tribes of California, carved white magnesite gemstones into beads for jewelry and currency. The currency beads were valued so highly they were traded individually versus by the strand like most other valued beads.

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